Worker fired for taking pills

Source:Agencies Published: 2013-4-7 19:43:01

A Foxconn employee in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, was fired recently for disrupting administration order by taking sleeping pills, which lead authorities to believe he was suicidal, the Beijing Times reported on Saturday.

The employee surnamed Zhang was dismissed by Foxconn, a high-tech product manufacturer based in Taiwan on Wednesday, one day after he was seen taking four sleeping pills. Without being more specific, Zhang's dismissal letter stated that his behavior was a threat to the company's normal administration order.

Zhang admitted that he had taken more sleeping pills than recommended, but denied that he had threatened the company's order and refused to sign the dismissal letter.

He claimed that it was unreasonable to dissolve or terminate his employment contract, which should expire in December. Despite his protests, he was driven out of the factory.

Zhang, who suffers from insomnia, takes sleeping pills every day. "They're not so effective, so I took four before going to bed," he said.

One of Zhang's colleagues reported the pill consumption to authorities under the false assumption that he was trying to commit suicide.

Zhang's roommate confirmed his statement Thursday. Foxconn's press officer said company leaders could not be reached during Qingming Festival, China's tomb-sweeping holiday. 

Beijing Times

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