Staff from rival organ agencies clash at Hefei hospital

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-4-11 0:43:01

An argument broke out between staff from the Red Cross Society of China and a local rival organ donation agency in front of a terminally-ill man on Tuesday at a hospital in Hefei, Anhui Province.

Zhang Yidong, who leaked the incident online, demanded an explanation for the "inconsiderate, negligent" display involving the Anhui branch of the Red Cross and Hefei Aier Ophthalmology Hospital's organ donation agency.

Zhang had arranged for his friend, Xu Bao, to donate his corneas to Hefei Aier Ophthalmology Hospital. Xu, who has cancer, later expressed his desire to donate other organs, leading Zhang to make arrangements with the Red Cross.

Xu was to ink documents authorizing his donations Tuesday at Hefei Phoenix Tumor Hospital, where he is receiving treatment.

Red Cross agent Fu Jie arrived at Xu's ward first. According to Zhang, Fu skipped formalities and insisted on signing the agreements.

Later, an unidentified representative for Hefei Aier Ophthalmology Hospital arrived at the ward bringing flowers for Xu. Both agency representatives soon began "bickering for Xu's body parts" in front of him, said Zhang.

"Xu felt terrible and decided to renege," said Zhang.

A local television station was at the scene to cover the signing ceremony and fulfill Xu's wish of appearing on TV, but Zhang said his dream had been "ruined."

A reporter from the TV station confirmed the confrontation to the Nandu Daily, describing the atmosphere as "awkward" because many bystanders had gathered.

Fu downplayed the incident, however, saying it had been blown out of proportion.

"I simply asked the agent from Hefei Aier Ophthalmology Hospital if they were qualified to receive cornea donations," Fu told the Nandu Daily, adding that the rival representative later pulled out of seeking Xu's corneas.

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