KC concept car, new benchmark of Geely

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On the eve of Shanghai Auto Show 2013, Geely, one of the fastest growing China-based automakers, will aunch its KC concept car that integrates international design philosophy. As the first well-crafted car model ever built by Geely’s international design team, this model stands for the breakthrough in innovation and progress in quality Geely has always strove to make, and it will also serve as a new benchmark for other brands under its wing.

Brand-new international design language

To improve widely-criticized styling design of home-grown brand vehicles, Geely has been dedicated to attract talented designers over recent years. In November, 2011, Peter Horbury, then head of Design at Volvo Car Corporation was appointed Senior Vice President of Design at Geely Group to take charge of its styling design; in July, 2012, Ma Zhengkun, a famous styling designer, joined Geely Group as design director; at the same time this automaker set up a styling center in Shanghai, and a designer team consisting of over 30 designers from China, Sweden and Korea was founded there. The forming of an international team of high-ranking designers, except for ensuring its five-star safety standard, has injected new vitality of international design and it represents the direction of Geely’s quality pursuit in the future.

As the first smash hit made by the new design team, KC concept car gives expression to Geely’s new generation of design language and significant improvements it has made in design, technology and quality. And its high-profile appearance has also shown up the auto manufacturer’s ambition to make inroads into middle- and high-end sedan market and to compete with big international names.

Combination of softness and hardness

KC concept car adopts popular fastback design that highlights its dynamic feature; as for the front face the designers choose to get rid of traditional grille design, and the gentle zigzag curves seem like natural extension of the Emgrand badge, or soft ripples that deliver magic power slowly swing outwards; rough side profile extending from the front door to the rear makes us find firmness in softness and balance in movement; the philosophy of taillight design stems from the strength of sunrise, a small light positioned at the opening area of the trunk beams like sunrise from the red and black Emgrand badge.

KC concept car not only couples hardness with softness in dealing with shape design, it also combines warmness of home and the rank and honour in business circles in interior design. When you ease into the seat, what first comes into your sight is the beautiful scenery of West Lake, the design inspiration of the instrument panel is derived from the Melting Snow at Broken Bridge, one of Ten Views of the West Lake, and the graceful curves at the upper and the lower ends just as the inverted reflection of the bridge in water. The ergonomic leather seat, combined with the open front design commonly used in traditional Chinese clothes, make you feel putting on precious customized fur clothing. And quality woods are boldly used in the seat design, when pearl white is assorted with the texture of mahogany; gorgeousness and tranquility unfold themselves in the car.
New quality benchmark

Peter Horbury explained the design philosophy of KC concept car in an interview. He stressed that this philosophy originates from the spirit of “freedom, exploration and dream”, its integration shows that Geely adheres to the modern automobile design philosophy and design highlight of integrating Chinese traditional cultural essence. Ma Zhengkun said, the streamlined shape of KC concept car is stylish and sporty, and it caters to popular aesthetic views in China, its modesty and moderateness are expected to win the hearts of middle and senior business people.

Insiders hold that KC concept car reflects a qualitative leap Geely Auto has gained in styling design, and it will help revise customers’ views about the styling design of home-grown cars, which have been long perceived as less fashionable and internationalized than those produced in Japan or South Korea. Once put into mass production and hit the market, KC concept car will be a force to be reckoned with in middle- and high-end sedan market, and the current situation that the home-grown cars suffer from a lack of competitiveness in the market is expected to be different, and it will greatly boost the brand value of Geely Auto.

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