8 accused of stirring unrest in copper mine project wanted in Myanmar

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-4-29 10:54:34

Myanmar's regional police authorities on Sunday issued warrants for the arrest of eight people accused of making instigation to create instability in Letpadaungtaung copper mine project areas in Monywa, northwestern Sagaing region, local media reported Monday.

The eight are members of Yangon Public Service Network, Yangon University Students' Union and Group Taking Care of Political Prisoners.

Violence recurred in some three copper mine projects in Letpadaungtaung last week, in which 15 members of the police force and three rioters were injured with three other rioters arrested by the authorities.

Instigated by rioters, hundreds of local farmers gathered to re- cultivate their land confiscated earlier to pave way for the project. Police tried to stop them to maintain the curfew that had been imposed on the areas, which led to clashes with the farmers.

With sticks and swords at hands, the rioters threw stones and home-made fire bombs at the police.

The police had to fire a number of warning shots to rescue a policeman held hostage by the rioters.

The authorities vowed to deal with the matter through rule of law, saying that the violence has jeopardized community peace and tranquillity and undermined law and order.

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