Too old to become a Beijinger

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-5-7 20:53:01

Beijing authorities announced on Saturday a new regulation that would prevent certain groups from attaining local hukou, or household registration, even if they hold a job in the capital: recent graduates who hold a bachelor's degree and are above 24 years old; people older than 27 who hold a master's degree; and those over 35 who hold a PhD.

Experts, along with many well-educated young people, are openly criticizing the new rule, saying it discriminates against graduates who are not originally from Beijing and serves only Beijing natives. Authorities have responded that the regulation is meant to address the fact that the capital cannot handle the fast-growing population and that city officials want to give more chances to more excellent talents.

According to the current rule, some 10,000 graduates who find jobs in Beijing can apply to get a Beijing hukou.

Landing a job in Beijing and then applying for a local hukou is the main way for most graduates to become capital residents, a status that many associate with increased opportunities and benefits, such as better living conditions and superior education for their children.

Some recent graduates believe that getting a job in Beijing that can help them get local status is a sign of success after leaving campus, according to media reports.

Authorities from the capital said that the new rule won't affect this year's graduates or certain other talents with work experience.

The Beijing Morning Post reported on Saturday that about 229,000 people will graduate from local universities, but only 28.24 percent are currently employed in the capital. Many Web users say this reflects a bad year for job hunting.

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