Top NDRC official embroiled in corruption scandal Published: 2013-5-15 0:12:00

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Graft claims topple senior NDRC official
The Communist Party of China (CPC) has dismissed a senior Chinese economic planning official on suspicion of "serious disciplinary violations," five months after a prominent journalist accused him of corruption.

Real-name whistleblowing fuels China's online anti-corruption efforts
The power of Chinese netizens as an anti-corruption force has been demonstrated once again as a senior economic policy maker was removed from his post after his alleged indiscretions were reported by a journalist on the Internet.

Deputy head of top economic planning organ dismissed
Liu Tienan, a deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), has been dismissed from his post, confirmed the Party's organization department here Tuesday.

Lover sold out NDRC official to journalist
Key information that triggered an investigation into serious disciplinary violations by Liu Tienan, a top official at the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), was provided by his mistress in Japan, said Luo Changping, a journalist who openly outed Liu last year.

Top NDRC official in corruption investigation
A ministry-level official is under investigation for alleged "serious disciplinary violations," the central disciplinary organ revealed, which was seen as a formal response five months after a journalist openly accused him of corruption.

Significance: Liu is believed to be the highest-ranking official under disciplinary investigation based on tips from individuals who gave their real names, and according to experts, his case reflects the  administration's determination to combat graft.


About Liu Tienan
Age: 58
1996 - 1999: Economic counselor in the Chinese Embassy in Japan
Mar. 2008 - Dec. 2010: Deputy director of NDRC
Dec. 2010 - Mar. 2012: Deputy director of NDRC and director of the National Energy Administration
Mar. 2012 - now: Deputy director of NDRC

Timeline of Liu's case:



Public opinion empowers Weibo's effect - Global Times

The style of China's social harmony is undergoing subtle changes. Weibo supervision and anti-corruption efforts have created not only constructive results but also a measure of conflict. Taking both of these on board is the key direction for the upgrading of social harmony in the Internet age.

China has a strong internal force to continuously move the country forward. Chinese society, including officials, actively accepts the positive impact brought by non-mainstream online activities. This is the fundamental reason why the Internet can play a special role in China.

Anti-corruption fight strengthens through government, citizen cooperation - Beijing News
Liu's case is a milestone in the cooperation between government and citizens in the fight against corruption, and Luo's real-name reporting sets a good example for non-government forces in the strength in anti-corruption. The government’s active response shows that high-level officials are subject to investigation if the accusation has merit.

Real-name reporting leaves corrupt officials nowhere to hide - Xinhua News Agency
It's been a long time since Luo’s report triggered the investigation into Liu Tienan. The Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC has been promoting real-name reporting in recent years. Liu's case brings positive energy in promoting real-name reporting in anti-corruption campaigns. With average citizens joining in the fight, corrupt officials will have nowhere to hide.

What does Liu's case reveal? - People's Daily
This case reveals that vigilance among the people is a positive force in fighting corruption, and serves as a warning to spokesmen of government departments to be truthful with the public.

Official spokesmen shouldn’t write off "rumors" - Chongqing Times
Looking back at Liu's case, If accusations that spokesmen dismiss as false rumor trigger turn out to be true, both the spokesman and his/her department should be punished. Official spokesmen always write off accusations as rumor, a habit that is detrimental in the fight against corruption.

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官员腐败 guānyuán fǔbài

official corruption

“官员腐败” refers to the use of public office for private gain.



Liu’s case is perhaps the highest-profile case of official corruption ever reported on Weibo.

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