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Source:Global Times Published: 2013-5-13 19:58:01

Li China's renowned film director Zhang Yimou, whose works include Red Sorghum (1987), sparked controversy when it was alleged he fathered at least seven children, in violation of the family planning policy. According to media reports, Zhang's current wife Cheng Ting has two sons and one daughter, and his ex-wife Xiao Jianhua has four children. Zhang is also said to have three other children from two women. Web users mocked Zhang by nicknaming him the father of The Calabash Brothers, a Chinese cartoon featuring the heroic stories of seven brothers. The Wuxi population and family planning authorities in Cheng's hometown said they are investigating the issue. Does Zhang need to come forward to give the public an explanation? Web users shared their opinions.

@The Yangcheng Evening News: In the moral realm, love affairs of artists are easier to accept under the theory that artistic men tend to be romantic and liberal. However, if the private life of a man is too messy, it is immoral. 

@The Youth Times: The behavior of violating national policy is definitely wrong. Zhang should accept all the fines and criticism. However, Zhang, who only sees the art of making films as his lifelong pursuit, might not care about other things. For us, the piece of news only satisfies our curiosity for gossip.  

@Wang Xuming: Astonished. Is Zhang a Chinese? Why is his behavior beyond Chinese law? Who gives him such right? Envy and jealousy can generate hatred. Investigate it!

@Li Yinhe (Sociologist): Shame on you, Zhang. Firstly, celebrities should be models for obeying the laws rather than violating them. Secondly, if he does it as he loves kids, he could adopt more kids, just like what Brad Pitt does. At last, if he believes his genes are good and want to pass them to more people, it is unfair to other citizens.

@Yao Shujie: Four wives and seven children. What fatal damage to Chinese society that has become polarized between rich and poor, the powerful and the weak. If it is true, we shall ask, where is the law and where is the social equity?

@Hou Xiaoqiang: Please let off Zhang. It is human nature to love and to give birth. What attracts us to fuss often turns out to be rumors. It's nonsense calling him the father of The Calabash Brothers. You can easily hurt someone through a rumor, but no one will be held guilty.

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