Chinese need to unite against provocation

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-5-17 23:53:01

Taiwan has issued a new round of sanctions against the Philippines over the killing of a Taiwanese fisherman. The Chinese society as a whole should lend Taiwan a hand, so as to ensure its ultimate victory in the latest crisis.

Such a victory is of great significance. It will rebuff Manila's arrogance and lift Chinese status in maritime conflicts.

There has long been a stereotype over the South China Sea issue that China is the arrogant party and that other countries including the Philippines are the victims. This stereotype is now being challenged, especially after Taiwan firmly rebuffed the Philippines' provocation.

Taiwan is playing a major role in the counterattacks against the Philippines. The mainland, while seeking to give a hand, is unable to completely bypass some sensitive issues in the cross-Straits relations.

Nevertheless, the damaging effect of Manila's provocations in the South China Sea should be given far more attention than detailed divergences between the two sides across the Taiwan Straits. Chinese society must stay united in the South China Sea disputes, rather than making different calculations in front of the provocative Philippines.

While the Ma Ying-jeou authority imposes high-profile sanctions on the Philippines, the mainland can echo Taiwan's response through pragmatic actions at the grass-roots level.

For instance, mainlanders can join the Taiwanese in suspending tourist trips to the Philippines. Meanwhile, the mainland can slow down imports from the Philippines and cut at least one or two import items.

We call on people in Hong Kong and Macao to join this joint action against the Philippines. This will make a special contribution to both protection of sovereignty and social solidarity among the Chinese people.

The latest crisis may last a while, during which Manila will probably seek a chance to drive a wedge between the two sides across the Straits. But on the other hand, it could also become a period in which the Chinese people clearly feel each other's support.

Ruling interests probably played a part in the Taiwanese authorities' transition from the initial hesitance to later toughness. Nevertheless, we should see clearly that this is the first time Taiwan has launched a counterstrike with such resolution against external provocation, and that the whole of Chinese society must stand together to guarantee its victory.

The mainland, with its strength and scale, is set to be the pillar of Chinese society. This means more responsibilities and selfless support. But we are undoubtedly capable of undertaking this role.


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