‘Mars mission’ may be hoax

Source:Guangzhou Daily Published: 2013-5-19 21:23:01

The Netherlands-based project, "Immigrate to Mars," which has attracted over 10,000 Chinese people with its plan to transport some 80,000 people to Mars and build a living environment for humans, is suspected as a case of commercial fraud, reported Guangzhou Daily.

The project organizer said in an interview last week that the complexity of the project has far exceeded the company's imagination, adding that it would be hard to stick to the original plan of sending one person to live on Mars by 2023.

Every Chinese person who signed up for the project paid roughly $10 for the application fee, and now, it appears that there is nearly any hope of them seeing that money ever again, according to the news report.

The project was first suspected to be a hoax when it was discovered that the company's Netherlands headquarters was that of a small rental home, comprising just one employee, according to the report.

The project, which opened last month, solicited more than 80,000 volunteers from hundreds of countries within two weeks. It raised $1 million in application fees, of which Chinese contributions comprise more than 10 percent.

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