Official linked to teen mistress not connected to CPC Party School

By Zhang Xiaobo Source:Global Times Published: 2013-6-24 1:13:01

An official, who is alleged to be keeping an 18-year-old student mistress while working at an institute affiliated to the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has no connection to the school at all, the Party School confirmed Saturday.

The accused man, Li Guangnian, is supposedly the director of the "Commission of Inquiry on Domestic Dynamics" run by the so-called Scientific Concept of Development Research Society, a sub-institution of the school, according to claims posted online last week.

The information contained in the post was apparently recovered from a lost cellphone, which was discovered in Gaobeidian, North China's Hebei Province, according to a Beijing Times report Sunday.

The person who uploaded the information online, alleged to the newspaper that there were many graphic pictures of the couple in the phone, but refused to give them to the paper. This person would not reveal his or her identity.

The post said the mistress is alleged to have received a similar amount of money from her lover as Ji Yingnan, who recently revealed she had a four-year affair with former State Archives Administration official Fan Yue.

During this time, many reports have alleged that Fan lavished her with gifts and cash worth around 10 million yuan ($1.63 million).

"The Party School has never established a so-called Scientific Concept of Development Research Society. The Commission of Inquiry on Domestic Dynamics has never been heard of before," the school wrote in an official reply.

The school added that it reserved the right to sue the person who started the rumors, as these have negatively impacted the school's reputation.

As these latest allegations come after a slew of sex scandals involving officials, many Web users have expressed concern over the revelations. However, others have called into question the existence of the Commission of Inquiry on Domestic Dynamics.

Online reports said that the commission dismissed Li, and appointed Sima Nan, a prominent television pundit and social commentator, as its director Saturday. 

Sima Nan denied he has any connection with the commission.

"I'd never heard of it until Friday. This organization looks like a fraud to me. I have never participated in it," he told the Global Times Sunday, adding that he is already prepared to sue.


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