China publishes new versions of Marx, Engels, Lenin writings

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-6-27 8:28:24

The Central Compilation & Translation Bureau (CCTB) has published a new version of the "Selected Works of Marx and Engels" and amended the "Selected Works of Lenin."

The third edition of the "Selected Works of Marx and Engels" adopts the latest Chinese translations of the original works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, according to a CCTB symposium held on Wednesday.

The new version also received edits to help present Marx and Engels' theories in a more systematic way, according to the CCTB.

It includes works concerning philosophy and scientific socialism, as well as works that guided international communist activity and correspondence between the two men.

The book's second volume, dedicated to political economics, features excerpts of Marx' "Das Kapital," economic manuscripts and four economic dissertations by the two philosophers.

The CCTB said the amended third version of the "Selected Works of Lenin" boasts more accurate translations and more detailed references, as well as a supplement from Lenin's biography.

Wei Jianhua, chief editor of the works and former CCTB director, said the works can serve as basic textbooks for the study of Marxism.

The first edition of the "Selected Works of Marx and Engels" was published in 1972, while the second edition was published in 1995.

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