Chinese fleet departs for Sino-Russian naval drills

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-7-2 8:40:41

A Chinese fleet consisting of seven naval vessels departed from east China's harbor city of Qingdao on Monday to participate in Sino-Russian joint naval drills scheduled for July 5 to 12.

The fleet consisted of four destroyers, two escort vessels and a supply ship, marking the largest number of naval forces that the Chinese navy has ever sent to take part in Sino-foreign naval exercises.

The eight-day exercise is expected to be conducted at the sea area and airspace of the Peter the Great Gulf in the Sea of Japan, and the Chinese fleet will be anchored in Vladivostok during the drill.

A total of 18 vessels, one submarine, three fixed-wing planes, five carrier-based helicopters and two teams of special forces from the two countries will participate in the exercise.

The eight-day maneuvers will focus on joint maritime air defense, joint escorts and marine search and rescue operations.

The two navies conducted a six-day naval drill in the Yellow Sea in 2012.

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