Woman accuses neighbor's dog of rape

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2013-7-10 17:22:47

The dog accused Photo: Guangzhou Daily


The dog allegedly 'raped' Photo: Guangzhou Daily

A Guangzhou woman threatened to kidnap and castrate her neighbor's dog after police denied her 100,000 yuan ($16,300) compensation claim, accusing the pooch of "seducing and raping" her purebred bitch.

"My pedigree dog was intended for research and worth millions of yuan. It was important she stayed a virgin, so now I have to claim compensation," she explained.

The woman notified police after catching the alleged rapist in the act outside her home. She insisted her dog had been seduced and raped, and even went as far as to collect bodily secretions from her dog as evidence, Guangzhou Daily reported on July 10.

The dog's owner surnamed Lin was baffled by the accusations. "Since both dogs were unleashed and running freely, it's hard to define seduction and rape," argued Lin.
According to a legal expert, the woman's claim is not credible as the legal definition of rape is only applicable to humans.

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