Nippon Paint adds Teflon nonstick technology

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-7-11 18:18:01

The Teflon-enhanced Nippon Paint Spotless Odorless All-in-One Photo: Courtesy of Nippon Paint China

The Teflon-enhanced Nippon Paint Spotless Odorless All-in-One Photo: Courtesy of Nippon Paint China

Nippon Paint has just launched a new product: Nippon Paint Spotless Odorless All-In-One. The product applies DuPont Teflon surface protector technology and can effectively resist 99 kinds of stains, letting consumers really possess a porcelain-like metope.

All these achievements have benefited from Nippon Paint's long-standing commitment to innovation and its constant investment in product research and development.

Nippon Paint China, part of the Nipsea Group, the largest coating manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region, has never slowed its pace in coating technology innovation.

Nippon Paint China has become the leader in the domestic coating industry and among the top paint manufacturers in the world.

With attention to the local market and the needs of local consumers, Nippon Paint China continuously promotes product research and development by means of scientific innovation so as to improve quality.

The new product stands as the first paint product of its kind in the world to incorporate the Teflon surface protecting technology of DuPont.

With a coat of Nippon Paint Spotless Odorless All-in-One, aqueous and oil stains aren't likely to stay on walls or other surfaces. Even obstinate stains can simply wipe off with a soft rubbing.

The newly-launched paint product can now be purchased in more than 3,000 Nippon Paint Stores across the country.

In addition to DuPont, Nippon Paint also joins hands with chemical companies such as Dow and BASF to promote technological innovations and new applications for the coatings industry.

"It's no doubt that technical advantages play an important role for the coatings enterprise," said Nippon Paint China Presdient Eric Chung. "Nippon Paint is and will always be attaching great importance to the integration of the latest science and technology into its product so as to meet the different needs of customers. In the future, we will do everything we can to bring forward the newest and freshest and to phase out the old and stale."

Chung emphasized that Nippon Paint remains, as always, committed to improving the performance of coating products and to providing consumers with a safer product and thus a more comfortable and colorful living environment.

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