Thousands of Cambodian garment workers hold election campaign for ruling party

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-7-14 9:39:29

Around 10,000 garment and footwear workers held a rally on Sunday to round up votes for the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) of incumbent Prime Minister Hun Sen ahead of the fifth National Assembly elections on July 28.

The campaigners gathered at the capital's Diamond Island complex in early morning before traveling by motorcycles and trucks to areas with garment and footwear factories around Phnom Penh City.

The event was organized by the Cambodian Labor Union Federation.

Speaking to the rally, Ith Samheng, CPP's lawmaker-candidate for Phnom Penh City, said the campaign was to appeal to all garment workers to cast their ballots for the CPP.

The country has about 500 garment and footwear factories employing some 510,600 workers. Garment industry is the kingdom's largest income maker.

"Voting for the CPP will bring more progress and development to the nation," said Ith Samheng, minister of social affairs. "The CPP has enhanced workers' rights and opposed to any forms of exploitation of workers. We will continue doing so when our party wins in the upcoming polls."

He also pledged to attract more investors for garment and footwear industry to create more jobs and revenues for Cambodian people.

A month-long election campaign kicked off on June 27 and will complete on July 26.

Eight political parties will compete in the elections with about 9.67 million eligible voters.

Two main parties are the CPP of Prime Minister Hun Sen and the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party led by Sam Rainsy.

Hun Sen's party is widely expected to win the majority in the forthcoming elections.

Hun Sen, 61, has been in power for 28 years and vowed to stay in the post until he is 74.

Cambodia holds a general election in every five years. During the last election in July 2008, Hun Sen's party won 90 seats out of a total 123 in the National Assembly, while the opposition group gained 29 seats.

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