Elderly man prosecuted for being ‘reckless pedestrian’ in e-biker death

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2013-7-17 17:27:26

A procuratorate in Liyang, Jiangsu Province filed a court case against a 78-year-old man for causing the death of an electric biker while running to catch a bus, chinanews.com reported on July 15. 

According to the report, the elderly man surnamed Wang collided with the biker in the bike lane as he ran to catch a bus on March 20. Traffic police arrived at the scene to find Wang unconscious and the rider seriously injured. The biker later died at the scene.

Wang later told officers he believed to be the victim, and was released. He was then startled 10 days later when local police informed him he was at fault for the accident.

"You didn't check before crossing the road and failed to use the crosswalk. You even speeded up as the bicycle got close, so you are responsible," the local procurator told Wang. 

Wang expressed guilt for his negligence and is awaiting a court decision.

According to the Road Traffic Safety Law, partial responsibility can fall to the pedestrian in cases where they violate traffic laws.

This is the first case in Liyang involving a pedestrian that was found at fault for a motor vehicle accident, said chinanews.com.

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