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Source:Global Times Published: 2013-7-17 20:38:01

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RCSC VP under fire

Zhao Baige, executive vice president of Red Cross Society of China (RCSC), said during an interview with China News Service on Tuesday that the organization is one of the most normative social organizations in China, sparking outcry from Web users.

Many people were furious over Zhao's words, which said that the public is prejudiced toward the RCSC because they don't understand the concept of humanity. She said that it was unfair for the public to continue to hold a grudge against the organization that has made great contributions to humanitarian efforts because of the Guo Meimei scandal, which saw a young woman boast about her luxurious lifestyle while claiming to work for a commercial arm of the RCSC in 2011 - and angered the nation.

Most Web users said that Zhao was shameless, mocking the RCSC as one of the most "normatively corrupt" organizations in China. Using more sarcastic tones, others said that Zhao's real intention was to win over the public by trying to highlight that other organizations are much more corrupt than the RCSC.

But some people were especially skeptical, given that Zhao failed to provide details on how organization's donations are used, or information regarding the investigation into the Guo Meimei scandal.

 "If you really want the public's trust back, you need to prove that the RCSC has nothing to do with Guo, who the public sees as the voice and image of the RCSC," Sina Weibo user Zhangyi sir said.

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