Explosion hits Beijing Capital Int'l Airport

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Airport blast by petitioner investigated
An explosion at the Beijing Capital International Airport Saturday night, set off by a wheelchair-bound petitioner, has triggered massive public discussion about possible solutions to the increasing number of violent incidents caused by various social conflicts.

Explosive sound heard at Beijing Int'l Airport

An explosion occurred Saturday evening at the Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport, police said.

Airport back to normal after blast, investigation continues
A wheel-chaired Chinese man set off a homemade explosive device outside the arrivals hall in Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport on Saturday evening.

Explosion details
Time: 6:24 pm, July 20
Place: Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport
Event: A wheelchair-bound man detonated a home-made explosive device after he was stopped from handing out leaflets to get attention to his complaints.
Injuries: The man himself suffered arm injuries and was amputated below the left wrist. A policeman was slightly injured.
Influence: The operations at the airport have not been affected as the airport opened new exits for passengers.
About the wrecker: Ji Zhongxing, 34-year-old disabled man from East China's Shandong Province, once worked in Guangdong province and has been petitioning for more than 10 years over alleged unjust treatment which resulted in his paralysis.



Media comments:

Global Times: Extremism by victims is still not tolerable

We support unremitting efforts to pursue fairness and justice, and call on the government to ac?celerate reforms in this aspect.

Beijing Times: Both the government and the people should learn a lesson from the explosion

China is now in a developing period. There are inevitably many contradictions in the society. However, extreme behaviors like setting off explosions in public places are meaningless. They will hurt innocent people and cause public disarray. Such behavior cannot help to solve any problem.

The government should listen to people’s voices at the beginning of any dispute, and try to solve them in a fair and rational way under the law, which could prevent tragedies like Ji early on.

Weibo voices:

The people of China are the most kind-hearted group in the world. If their basic demands can be satisfied, they will not behave in such extreme ways as setting off an. It also shows that the government should show more concern for the public’s interests, which could make society more harmonious.

@morrieyu: The dilemma of Ji Zhongxing must have been very serious for him detonate a bomb in the airport. The government should find out the facts of Ji’s case. If a similar explosion happens again, we don’t know how many people will be injured.

@诺汐不疯魔不成活: The last explosion in a Xiamen bus killed dozens of people. This time, I think Ji remained a good man. He chose to hurt himself but not others.

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