Rescue and relief teams rush to quake zone Published: 2013-7-22 15:59:37

Troops have been dispatched to the quake-hit region to help with rescue efforts. We earlier spoke to the Commander of the earthquake rescue team from Gansu Armed Police. He told us more than 120 personnel are rushing to the disaster zone.

"We have dispatched about 120 personnel to the disaster area. We quickly assembled relief staff and rescue equipment as soon as we received the order. We prepared more than 200 pieces of equipment, including life detectors and excavators. We're also taking four sniffer dogs. It's 248 kilometers from our headquarters to the quake-hit region. It will take us about 2 hours to get there because landslides have blocked the roads and slowing us down. We will do everything we can to rescue the people there." Su Wei, Commander of Quake rescue team, Gansu armed police said.

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