Bo Xilai charged with bribery, power abuse Published: 2013-7-25 17:44:00

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Bo Xilai to face open court

Bo Xilai charged with bribery, embezzlement and power abuse
Bo Xilai, former Communist Party of China (CPC) chief of Chongqing Municipality, has been charged with taking bribes, embezzlement and abuse of power, according to Jinan City People's Procuratorate in East China's Shandong Province.


Xinhua: Central needs come before local interests

History has proven that only the Central Com¬mittee of the CPC can maintain stability in our country. Any decisions or choices it makes regarding local policy or official appointments are made in the country’s interests. Although these decisions may affect the interests of certain areas, officials should always serve the interests of the whole.

Though some local officials and governors in frontier areas played certain roles in social and economic development, the work of officials should never be exaggerated and always with the people in mind. The only way to guarantee one’s post is not to seek personal gain. Bo’s case reveals long reach of law

No one is privileged or above Party discipline and regulation, regardless of post or power. Anyone who neglects to follow the law and abuse their entrusted power will be severely punished. Bo once held a high position, but he failed to meet all our expectations. He took advantage of his position to do as he wanted; behavior that landed him in court. Now he cannot even lead a normal life.

The trial of Bo Xilai shows us just how long the arm of the law can reach. Officials should rid themselves of arrogance. They must always recognize Party discipline and the power granted to them, as well as national laws and public supervision. Everyone is equal in eyes of law

Bo’s case shows us that everyone is equal in the eyes of Party discipline. China is a country ruled by law, and punishment goes to those who break it, no matter how powerful the individual is. The case also shows the CPC’s determination to fight corruption, which will win it further support of the people. By eliminating graft, the party becomes even more pure. Correct values strengthen fight against corruption

Cases of corruption involving high-level officials have a serious negative impact on the image of the CPC. As a result, this is a great loss to the country and its people. Bo’s case shows us that we must strengthen our fight against corruption and further instill correct values in our leaders. Only then will they be able to protect and administer the rule of law.

From Chen Xitong and Chen Liangyu to Liu Zhijun and Bo Xilai, the severe punishment of high-level corruption in recent years illustrates the rigorous self-discipline of the CPC, as well as its determination to build a socialist country ruled by law.

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数罪并罚 shùzuì bìngfá mete out combined punishment/sentences for more than one crime


济南市人民检察院起诉书指控,依法应当以受贿罪、贪污罪、滥用职权罪对薄熙来追究刑事责任,并予以数罪并罚。(Source: 新华网)

The indictment issued by the People's procuratorate of Jinan seeks the prosecution of Bo Xilai for bribery, embezzling and abuse of power, and that the combined punishment of these crimes be carried out.

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