Male nurse hired to ‘rub’ new mothers’ breasts

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-7-25 20:08:01

A male nurse who has taken on a traditional woman's job of helping to massage the breasts of new mothers to help them produce milk for their newborns has Web users divided on whether men are suitable for such work.

Twenty-nine-year-old Yang Jun from Puyang, Henan Province, the third male to be registered for the profession in China, has few customers and must put up with his family members who oppose the work he does.

He also admits that he once had trouble accepting the job, but knows now that the work is important to mothers and newborn babies. It also pays well as he can earn 200 yuan ($32) for 90 minutes of work.

But some Web users cannot accept the idea of men touching women's breasts because it is too untraditional.

Supporters, however, said that women with newborn babies are at their weakest and could benefit from the help of strong and skillful men.

Web user Youyichanglibie said on Sina Weibo, "It really does not matter, a male nurse or a female nurse. Nowadays, many gynecologists are also men."

Global Times

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