Iran says main gas field to come on stream soon

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-7-31 21:53:38

Iran will put the main phase of the South Pars natural gas field into operation in the next Iranian calendar month (August 23-September 22), the project manager of the phase 12 of the field was quoted as saying by Tehran Times daily on Wednesday.

The phase 12 is projected to have an output of 84 million cubic meters of natural gas, 120,000 barrels of condensates and 750 tons of sulphur on a daily basis, said Masoud Rahbari.

Some $7.746 billion of credit has been allocated to the development of phase 12, he said, adding that the project has progressed by 90 percent so far.

The development of Iran's southern natural gas filed has been delayed due to the imposition of Western sanctions against the country's energy sector.

In April, National Iranian Oil Company managing director Ahmad Qalehbani said that three phases of the South Pars gas field, phases 12, 15, and 16, will be tapped in the current Iranian calendar year which will boost the country's natural gas production capacity by 150 million cubic meters per day, according to Tehran Times.

Reportedly, Iran is currently producing 300 million cubic meters per day of gas from the South Pars.

The South Pars/North Dome field is a natural gas condensate field located in the Persian Gulf. It is the world's largest gas field, shared between Iran and Qatar.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the field holds an estimated 1,800 trillion cubic feet (51 trillion cubic meters) of in-situ natural gas and some 50 billion barrels of natural gas condensate.

Iran has dismissed the negative impacts of the West's unilateral sanctions on Iran's energy sector. The United States and the European Union (EU) have imposed successive unilateral sanctions on Iran's oil and gas industry in the past years over the country's controversial nuclear program.

Earlier this month, Iran signed an agreement with Iraq to deliver natural gas to its western neighbor, based on which 25 million cubic meters of gas will be delivered to Iraqi Sadr, Baghdad and al-Mansouryah power plants through pipeline, according to Press TV.

By signing the deal, the country will earn 3.7 billion US dollars a year in revenues, managing director of National Iranian Gas Company, Mohammad-Javad Owji, was quoted as saying.

Iran has already completed the construction of its 227-km section of the pipeline to carry natural gas to Iraq, said Owji, adding that the 270-km Iraqi section will be completed in one or two months.

In March, Iran and Pakistan inaugurated a multi-billion-US dollar-gas pipeline project which will link Iran's gas pipeline to that of Pakistan.

Iran has constructed 900 km of the 1,600-km-pipeline on its soil and both Iranian and Pakistani firms have undertaken the construction of the remaining part in Pakistan.

When the project is completed by mid 2014 as scheduled, Iran will export 21.5 million cubic meters of natural gas to Pakistan on daily basis.

Iran is now exporting gas to Turkey and has swap deals with Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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