Court officials expelled from Party

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-8-7 0:38:01

Three of the four court officials embroiled in accusations of soliciting prostitutes were dismissed from their positions, expelled from the Communist Party of China and handed a 10-day administrative detention, said the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on Tuesday.

The detained officials include Chen Xueming and Zhao Minghua, chief and deputy chief of the No.1 civil court of the Shanghai Higher People's Court, and Ni Zhengwen, deputy head of the court's disciplinary body. Wang Guojun, deputy chief of the court's No.5 civil court, was also sacked but was handed the lighter punishment of two year's probationary Party membership.

According to the investigation, Guo Xianghua, a vice general manager with the Shanghai No.4 Construction Company, invited Zhao Minghua for dinner on June 9. Zhao then invited three of his colleagues from the court.

After dinner, the five accused went to the Hengshan Resort, where they patronized prostitutes. Four of them then went back to hotel rooms with women who were later identified as prostitutes.

Guo was also suggested to be fired and given a 10-day detention in accordance with the Public Security Administration Punishment Law.

The resort, appointed as a venue for official receptions, was also ordered to suspend its business.

The five people came into the spotlight after a whistle-blower surnamed Ni posted a 10-minute video clip online on August 1. In the video, they were alleged to be shown participating in the soliciting of prostitutes.

Ni said he began collecting evidence against Zhao Minghua after he lost a court case in 2012. He also suspected Zhao of manipulating the ruling, which caused Ni huge economic losses.

Ni said he did not mean to implicate anyone other than Zhao.

An investigation was launched on Friday. Four officials were then suspended on Sunday.

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