‘Mushroom kingdom’ might not be far off now

Source:Agencies Published: 2013-8-8 21:08:02

Many North Koreans are hoping to learn the techniques of a compatriot who has found a way to cultivate a cluster of mushrooms weighing some 20 kilograms, which was put on display at a conference hall in the country's North Hwanghae Province.

The accomplishment by Mun Hye-sun, who resides in Sariwon City, is being hailed as quite a sensation in the country, and especially timely as it follow a visit made last month to a Korean People's Army mushroom factory by North Korea's young leader Kim Jong-un.

On the visit to the factory, which comprises cultivation fields believed to produce mushrooms throughout the entire year to ensure a stable supply, Kim expressed a desire for his country to build more of such factories so North Korea could become a "mushroom kingdom."

It is reported that Mun, who graduated from an agricultural university, worked tirelessly over the past more than 10 years to find a special mushroom-cultivating method to achieve the results.


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