Public housing a poor fit for needy

Source:Agencies Published: 2013-8-11 21:58:01

Across China tens of thousands of homes built for low-income citizens are empty. For instance, a recent report from China Youth Daily revealed that some 12,900 subsidized homes in Shandong Province are currently sitting vacant. Meanwhile, in Hainan Province, there are 9,000 such homes without tenants.

The main issue here is that many qualified people are just not enthusiastic about these newly built subsidized properties, which are usually located in remote suburbs far removed from schools, shops, hospitals and appealing job opportunities. And limited transportation services and poorly developed infrastructure in these areas often mean the nearest urban center is several hours away.

These problems speak volumes about the attitudes of local planners toward low-income citizens. They can churn out the requisite number of subsidized housing units they are ordered to produce, but there is clearly little consideration for the benefits these properties will bring to those in need.

The author is Li Xingwen, a commentator.

Beijing Youth Daily

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