India’s INS Vikrant signals rising naval power in Asia Published: 2013-8-12 19:28:00

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India launched its first indigenous aircraft carrier the INS Vikrant on August 12, marking the entry of India among nations capable of building their own carriers.

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India hails first indigenous aircraft carrier as milestone
India launched its first indigenous aircraft carrier Monday, a significant moment that analysts said would boost India's defense capability and military power but have little influence on the military situation in Asia.

India launches first indigenous aircraft carrier
Indian Defense minister A.K. Antony on Monday launched India's first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant in the southern port of Kochi, marking the entry of India into the world's elite club capable of producing their own carriers.

India to launch indigenous aircraft carrier

The aircraft carrier will be launched and then re-docked for the second phase of construction before being finally readied for extensive trials in 2016. The ship is likely to be commissioned into the Indian Navy in 2018.

   About INS Vikrant



Name INS Vikramaditya Izumo  Liaoning
Highlight India's second aircraft carrier Japan’s largest warship China’s first aircraft carrier
Displacement 45,550 metric tons 19,500 metric tons empty,
27,000 metric tons fully loaded
67,000 metric tons
Length 284 meters 248 meters 304.5 meters
Height 60 meters 38 meters 70.5 meters
Capacity 30 fighter jets and helicopters 7 ASW helicopters,
2 SAR helicopters
30 fixed wing aircraft,
24 helicopters


Asian aircraft carriers

India's only currently commissioned aircraft carrier, the INS Viraat, was purchased from the UK in 1986.
The country’s Maritime Self-Defense Force currently has two 18,000-metric ton Hyuga-class helicopter carriers, which Japan technically classifies as "helicopter destroyers".
South Korea operates the ROKS Dokdo, an aircraft carrier.
The Royal Thai Navy's only aircraft carrier, the HTMS Chakri Naruebet, is a STOVL-class (Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing) carrier constructed by a Spanish shipbuilding company.

Source: Global Times


Photo source: Phoenix TV / NDTV


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Editorial:Aircraft carriers key to strategic deterrence
China is a latecomer among big powers in terms of developing domestic aircraft carriers. Even India has moved ahead of us.

Deccan Herald, India
The new INS Vikrant will play a critical role in projecting India’s maritime prowess at a time when China plans to expand its footprint in the Indian Ocean. Along with the Russian-origin INS Vikramaditya, it will form the core of two carrier battle groups guarding the two coasts.

Der Standard, Austria
India’s fast pace into aircraft carrier group is a reaction to the military development of China. Currently, countries in the Asia-Pacific region are developing their military power by building aircraft carriers, such as Japan unveiled its biggest warship Izumo on August 6. The Pacific Ocean is expecting a fierce competition on the naval military escalation.

Overall, India lags far behind China in defense capabilities, analysts say, making the success in beating its regional rival in the race to develop a domestically-produced aircraft carrier significant.

▲From experts
Li Daguang, professor at the National Defense University of the PLA
As an increasing number of world-class aircraft carriers are introduced in the Asia-Pacific region, China must use its wisdom and courage to survive in this complex naval environment. For now, Chinese military policy is focused on construction and equipment upgrades – a wise choice amid increasingly fierce competition in Asia.

An Indian strategic analyst quoted by Guangzhou Daily
While producing an aircraft carrier is an important achievement, the INS Vikrant also stands as proof that India is capable of producing military-grade steel, a milestone for the Indian iron and steel industry.

Yin Zhuo, Chinese military expert and director of the Chinese Navy Advisory Committee for Informatization
Though India, China and Japan are not actually competing with each other, they will meet on the sea someday. China has produced its first aircraft carrier Liaoning and Japan has the Izumo. India has always sought to build a three-aircraft carrier framework, and the INS Vikrant is part of that plan.

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航空母舰  hángkōng mǔjiàn
“航空” n. aviation(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)
“母舰” n. depot ship; mother ship (Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)
“航空母舰” n. aircraft carrier(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)

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