Workers in Honduras reported to be forced by company to wear diapers at factory or else risk losing their jobs

By Source:Agencies Published: 2013-8-15 19:23:01

A Korean-American joint venture in Honduras is being accused by union leaders and former employees of forcing its workers to wear diapers in order to increase their productivity. Company representatives have denied the allegations but an investigation is already under way.

Daniel Duron, Secretary General of the General Confederation of Workers, has denounced the violation of labor rights by Kyungshin-Lear Honduras Electrical Distribution Systems, said to produce harnesses to export to the US, accusing the company of forcing its employees to wear adult diapers to avoid going to the bathroom for their physiological needs.

He added that the employer doesn't actually supply the diapers for its workforce, but that the employees, especially the women, buy them to avoid leaving their work posts and risk losing their jobs.

Honduran Labor Minister, Jorge Bográn, said that 30 inspectors are currently working on the case to verify the "accuracy of the claim."

Edgardo Dumas, the legal representative of Kyungshin-Lear dismissed the accusations as false and reckless, and claimed the company has never violated labor law.

The president of the Manufacturers' Association of Honduras also told the press that the allegations were false and blamed the interference of unions from the United States "who want to regain the jobs lost in their country".

Maria Galeano, who was fired in April after seven years of working at Kyungshin-Lear, confirmed Duron's claims and said that many other employees could do the same. She described the diaper-wearing as "embarrassing" but necessary without "permission to go to the bathroom."

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