Boyfriend fakes drowning to escape nagging girlfriend Published: 2013-8-20 18:09:52

A man thought to have drowned in Anlu, Hubei Province told police he had faked his death in a dramatic attempt to scare his girlfriend during the heat of an argument.

Police found the unnamed man at home watching TV after a nearly two-hour search for his body in a nearby river, reported the Chutian Metropolis Daily on August 20.

Witnesses told authorities that the couple was quarreling along the river when the man suddenly jumped in and vanished below the surface.

His distressed girlfriend contacted authorities after the man failed to resurface within eyeshot. 

Rescuers searched for two hours until a neighbor of the man informed police he had spotted him crawl on dry land down river and return home.

The neighbor explained the man known as a skilled swimmer is able to hold his breath for long periods underwater.   

The man later told police he had pretended to drown just to scare his nagging girlfriend, according to the report. 

It is unclear whether police will press charges against the man for his briefly faked suicide. 

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