Mountaineering accidents occur frequently in Slovenia

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-8-21 9:01:52

At least 21 mountaineers have died in the Slovenian mountains due to different accidents since January, the Slovenian Press Agency quoted local Mountain Rescue Association as reporting on Tuesday.

While the number of accidents in the mountains decreased by two only to 264 between January and mid-August, there were four more deaths as compared with in the same period last year. Apart from the dead, 308 mountaineers were injured in the mountain climbing.

The majority of the injured are Slovenian citizens although Slovenian mountains are frequently visited by foreigners.

Forty percent of mountaineering accidents were caused by falls or slips on the rocks and the loss of control. Besides, such accidents can be attributed to getting lost, a lack of physical and mental strength, and inappropriate gear and its misuse as well, according to the Slovenian Mountain Rescue Association.

Slovenian police, joined by local mountain rescue organizations, have been taking preventive action annually to promote security in the mountaineering season.

In addition to make suggestions to mountaineers to have suitable footwear, warm clothes and plenty of water, police officers also check the status of physical and mental hikers and appropriateness of their selection hiking trails.

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