Rugrat for rent: Young mother tries to lease baby daughter online Published: 2013-9-4 17:57:40

A young mother in Nanjing is getting a spanking from netizens for attempting to rent out her toddler to young couples looking to practice their parenting skills.

Her original post, which appeared on e-commerce site August 7, offered her “lovely” two-year-old daughter to “couples who like children but have not yet had their own to help train their patience” for 520 yuan ($84.97) a day.

“First we’d have to meet in person, in case it’s a human trafficker or something,” the 21-year-old mother from Lishui county told the Modern Express.

After being hit with a flood of criticism online, she lowered the rental price to 0.01 yuan and limited the offer to relatives and friends. She has still not had any takers.

“I doubt this is even her own child. What kind of mother would rent out their kid?” a netizen commented on

Fang Lei, a lawyer from Jiangsu C&T Partners Law Firm said to the report that the move was “absurd” and despite her motivations “violated social morals and the Law on the Protection of Minors.”

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