Baidu Daily Hit List on September 16 Published: 2013-9-16 19:52:00

No.1: Nude Chinese cartoon not crude   动画片尺度大   215976

A still from Police Dog Rescue Crew. Photo: Beijing Youth Daily

A still from Police Dog Rescue Crew. Photo: Beijing Youth Daily

A Chinese cartoon from the early 1990s recently rediscovered online has netizens beating their chests over exposed breasts after selected screenshots showing topless animated pigs and mice spread across social media.  

The animated short Police Dog Rescue Crew, produced by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio, was identified as part of a public-service cartoon about post-quake rescue efforts, and the bare-chested barn animals are in fact volunteers to breastfeed those homeless, reported the Beijing Youth Daily.

No.2: Fake Lamborghini for sale on pedestrian street towed   重庆山寨兰博基尼    101739

Chongqing traffic police seized a 'fake Lamborghini' after its owner parked it on a pedestrian street for not having a license plate and illegal parking.  

The baby-blue car was left on the promenade in Jiangbei district covered with 'for-sale' signs before police towed it on September 14.  

The owner surnamed Leng admitted to police his car is actually a 30,000-yuan Hyundai Coupe he purchased online and had altered to look like a Lamborghini with a 2,000-yuan conversion kit. 

He added he did not intend to sell it, but "just wanted to see how much he could get for it," reported the Chongqing Economic Times. 

Leng was deducted all 12 points from his license and fined 800 yuan ($131).

No.3: Love lingers in Faye Wong divorce, say netizens   李亚鹏暗示被迫离婚    84177

Actor Li Yapeng issued a statement regarding his recent divorce from mega pop diva Faye Wong on his Weibo account September 13 that many interpret as implying the divorce was not consensual. 

"I wanted a family, but you were destined to become a legend," wrote Li of their eight-year marriage, adding "I'll let you go my high school girl, because this is the only thing I can do for you."

Li went on to say there are no disputes over finances, as both parties signed prenuptial agreements. Li will retain custody of their daughter. 

According to reports, the couple was spotted applying for a divorce in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on September 13.

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