Full moon set to shine at 7:19 pm

Source:Global Times-CCTV Published: 2013-9-17 20:18:01

Moon-gazers are expected to be treated with a once-in-a-decade full moon for Mid-autumn Festival on September 19, when the full moon is forecast to appear at 7:19 pm, said a China Central Television (CCTV) report.

The last full moon appeared in 2004 and the next one is not expected for another eight years, in 2021.

Astronomers said that a "bright and clear moon" is expected for this year's festival, which occurs in mid-August on the lunar calendar.

The best time for people to view the moon is around 7 pm, but the time will vary in eastern and western China.

A planetarium in Guangzhou, Gangdong Province said that the best time for moon-gazing will be at 00:26 am on Friday, while people in Qinghai Province may be able to get a bit of a head start.

An online CCTV survey said that the top three places to view the moon in China are: Marco Polo Bridge in West Beijing, West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and Lake Namtso in China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Chinese people have been celebrating the festival since the Shang Dynasty (1700-1100 BC).


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