Toddler wakes paralyzed mother from coma, mouth feeds her pre-chewed food Published: 2013-9-22 20:47:37

Son Gao Qianbo feeds a fried snack into mother Zhang Rongxiang mouth after she recently woke up paralyzed from a car accident in 2010 in Shuyang, Jiangsu Province on September 19. Photo: Yangtze Evening Post

After a tragic car accident, Zhang Rongxiang recently woke from a coma in a near-vegetative state and nearly paralyzed to the sound of her 2-year-old son beside her.

Now each day little Gao Qianbo attends to his mother, talks with her and even chews up food and tenderly feed her mouth-to-mouth, reported the Yangtze Evening Post.

Zhang, 42, had been in a coma ever since a car accident in 2010. Though doctors told her husband Gao Dejin she would never recover, they were surprised to discover Zhang was four-months pregnant.

Gao cared for her at home until Zhang gave the birth to Gao Qianbo on July 22, 2011 by a cesarean. She awoke from her coma in a Shuyang county hospital in Jiangsu Province in May.

The family has survived mainly on government subsistence with some support from relatives and friends.

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