New audit guideline for military officials is anti-graft campaign latest

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-9-26 0:48:01

Property ownership, use of official cars and hiring of service personnel are for the first time included in the auditing procedure of military officials, read a latest guideline released by the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the Communist Party of China.

Military experts said by including the three categories, which have become a hotbed for corruption, the CMC's anti-graft determination has been further highlighted.

The new guideline will help curb corruption inside the military, Luo Yuan, vice president of the China Strategic Culture Promotion Association, told the Global Times. "Since the military's auditing team was established, a lot of work has been done."

Military officers who are recommended as candidates for regimental commander-level posts or above, those who will retire, and those who will be transferred to civilian posts will have to undergo an audit before leaving their posts, read the guideline, which also said that officials from military-affiliated units or enterprises will also be audited.

Auditing officials before their promotion, discharge or retirement helps make the related measures implemented in 2005 more complete, Luo added.

"The new auditing move will prevent military officials from abuse of power and occupying excessive resources," Zhang Lianqi, an auditing expert, told the Global Times, adding that it will be efficient, and easy to operate in reality.

"Auditing is the best way, and a relatively mature way, to combat corruption," Lin Zhe, an anti-corruption expert at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, told the Global Times, adding that making those officers' assets public is another way.

"This new move can be regarded as a 'physical inspection' for the military to prevent corrupt officers from being promoted or disturbing the military's economic order," Zhang said, adding that the audits should be made public as long as they are not classified as confidential for defense security.

Officials will be transferred or removed from their current posts if they fail to "fulfill their economic responsibilities" or severely violate relevant regulations, read the guideline.

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