Self-criticism within Party a welcome sign

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-9-27 1:03:02

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), noted that criticism and self-criticism must be utilized in an appropriate way, while attending the democratic meeting held by the standing committee of Hebei provincial Party committee. Reporting the details of criticism and self-criticism at the standing committee is a relatively new phenomenon. It is unexpected that the meeting constitutes a rare demonstration of criticism and self-criticism by publicizing numerous problems concerning in-service senior officials that have not been previously reported in the media.

Criticism and self-criticism are a significant instrument for the CPC to remain advanced but making  use of it has proved hard in the present society. Some Chinese officials and even society have put too much emphasis on commendation and self-commendation, which has long exerted a negative influence.

The implementation of criticism and self-criticism is a test for the authority of any country. Criticism has prevailed in the West, but it often happens between the ruling party and the opposition.

Since social reflection in the West is largely prompted by partisan confrontation, the ruling party has to cope with the divergent opinions from opposition groups and therefore lacks the ability and space to carry out internal criticism and self-criticism actively.

In China where the CPC serves as a long-term ruling party, criticism and self-criticism have become critical sources of ideas and political dynamics but a series of obstacles have blocked actual implementation. The international scenario has been severe , despite relief at the beginning of China's reform and opening-up. However, the Internet has shaped China's public opinion in a dramatic way in recent years. Though there are no opposition parties, the Chinese society has witnessed plenty of "opposition opinions," leading to a situation where a number of Party members are hesitant about criticism and self-criticism.

Chinese authorities must be able to conduct criticism and self-criticism consistently in a complicated environment of diverging opinions. Meanwhile, they are supposed to stimulate public confidence in their governance to maintain national interests.-

The majority of those holding opposite views have the same ultimate interests as the basic objectives of state politics. There are complex causes for their resistance against the ruling party, so long-term criticism and self-criticism by officials will help soften their stance and change their opinions.

The resurgence of criticism and self-criticism betrays the self-confidence of the CPC new leadership in China's politics, which is bound to facilitate benign changes in the governing body and public opinion.

There is no doubt that the general public will welcome the trend of the implementation of criticism and self-criticism by the CPC. We are fully convinced that the Chinese society will become more harmonious with increasing criticism and self-criticism.


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