Xi Jinping attends his first APEC summit

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Xi calls for bigger APEC role
Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday called on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies to play a leading role in maintaining and advancing an open world economy.

APEC leaders meet in Bali on economic growth, regional integration
Leaders and representatives of the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum met here Monday on maintaining growth and regional integration amid a faltering economic recovery process.

APEC CEO Summit kicks off in Bali

Heads of APEC members, chief executive officers (CEOs) from all over the world started meeting in Nusa Dua Bali of Indonesia on Sunday.

Chinese president arrives in Bali island for APEC meeting
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday afternoon arrived in the Indonesian resort island of Bali to attend the 21st informal economic leaders' meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Obama cancels APEC trip due to gov't shutdown
US President Barack Obama has canceled his plan to attend an APEC summit in Indonesia and a East Asia summit in Brunei next week because of the government shutdown impasse, the White House said late Thursday.

Xi's agenda for Southeast Asia visit
Oct. 2 - Oct. 3
Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia state visit
Oct. 4 - Oct. 5
Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Malaysia state visit
Oct. 6 - Oct. 8 Bali, Indonesia APEC 2013 summit

  APEC 2013 Details

About APEC 2013
Time: Oct. 1 - Oct. 8
Place: Bali, Indonesia (Click to know more about Bali)
Theme: "Resilient Asia-Pacific, Engine of Global Growth."
Meeting priorities:
Attaining the Bogor Goals;
Achieving Sustainable Growth with Equity;
Promoting Connectivity.

Xi's meetings during the APEC summit

Xi meets Taiwan politician ahead of APEC gathering
●Xi reiterated that the Chinese mainland is ready to conduct equal consultations with Taiwan on cross-Strait political issues under the one China framework and make reasonable arrangements.
●Xi said, "we cannot hand those problems down from generation to generation."

Xi meets Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying
●Xi said that the central government's stance of supporting Hong Kong's economic prosperity and social stability is consistent and firm.
●Xi hoped that the HKSAR government will continue governing according to law and paying special attention to developing economy and improving people's livelihood.

Xi meerts South Korean President Park Geun-Hye
●Xi urged China and South Korea to actively push forward the negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement.
●South Korea hopes to maintain high-level exchanges with China, strengthen cooperation in various fields, complete the bilateral free trade talks at an early date, and forcefully boost people-to-people exchanges.

Chinese, Australian leaders pledge to boost ties
●Xi and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott agreed to push forward bilateral ties and speed up free trade negotiation.
●Australia is ready to speed up the FTA negotiations with China, and welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in Australia, Abbott said.

China, New Zealand pledge to further ties, cooperation
●China-New Zealand ties, fueled by the "twin engines" of high-level political mutual trust and win-win economic and trade cooperation, are growing soundly, Xi said.
●Xi stressed that food safety concerns people's health and urged New Zealand to take tough measures to ensure food quality.

China, Thailand vow to advance bilateral ties
●Xi and Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra pledged to further bilateral ties and China's relations with the ASEAN.
●Construction of high-speed railway and water conservancy infrastructure should be highlighted among the priorities of cooperation projects, Xi said.

China, Chile pledge to further cooperation
●Xi and his Chilean counterpart, Sebastian Pinera, pledged  to further bilateral cooperation between their countries.
●The two countries should put into full play the free trade agreement and expand two-way trade and investment, Xi said.


Bogor Goals inspire APEC members to go beyond 2020
When it again played host to APEC summit again nearly two decades later, Indonesia made attaining the Bogor Goals high on the agenda. Analysts believe that the move would help put the region back on a path of sound and sustainable growth amid weak global economic recovery.

APEC to play major role in shaping FTAAP

Parties at TPP negotiations are also APEC members, the same is true of participants of RCEP. It is important that these free trade negotiations integrate with rather than undercut each other, and APEC is expected to play a major coordinating role in this regard.

Increasing reliance on APEC to grow world economy
As the engine of the global economy shifts to Asia, a greater responsibility is placed on regional groups such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ( APEC) to drive ahead development not only for its members but for the world in general.

       APEC feature


About APEC:
●Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, or APEC, is the premier forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region.

●APEC was established in 1989. The first APEC Ministerial Meeting was held later that year in Canberra, Australia.

●China joined APEC in November, 1991.

●Beginning in 1993, the annual meetings are named APEC Economic Leaders' Meetings.

Currently members: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, China's Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam.

Previous APEC Economic Leaders' Meetings
Sep. 8 - Sep. 9, 2012
Vladivostok, Russia
"Integrate to Grow, Innovate to Prosper"
Nov. 12 - Nov. 13, 2011
Honolulu, US
"Closely linked to the regional economy"
Nov. 13 - Nov. 14, 2010
Yokohama, Japan
"Change and action"
Nov. 14 - Nov. 15, 2009
"Sustaining Growth, Connecting the Region"
Nov. 22 - Nov. 23, 2008
Lima, Peru
"A new commitment to Asia-Pacific development"
Click to see the full list

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