Shopping mall sets up 'husband play area' during National Day sales Published: 2013-10-7 18:21:42

A shopping mall in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province set up a 'men's play area' to console the hundreds of disinterested husbands and boyfriends dragged along shopping during China's National Day holiday sales.

The area at the unnamed shopping center near Shanghai comes complete with chairs, magazines, tea, TV and even free Wi-Fi to serve as a rest stop for the throngs of purse-carrying men accompanying their significant others during the seven-day holiday beginning October 1.

Women and men looking for respite from holding bags during "Golden Week" were split in their opinions on the area.

"I love to hang out in an area where men can talk or enjoy free internet while waiting on their wives. It's really great," said one customer surnamed Guo.

"Before going shopping, I always ask whether my husband wants to go with me. I won't leave him in that area if he agrees to come," said a shopper surnamed Feng.

Mall employees explain that the temporary area didn't attract as many weary male shoppers as intended, and it will close after the holiday.

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