China advocates direct talks of South China Sea countries

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-10-8 8:44:43

China said on Monday that the involvement of countries outside the South China Sea region on the maritime disputes will only complicate the situation.

"The involvement of countries outside the region on the South China Sea issue is more out of political purposes," said Liu Zhenmin, vice foreign minister, at a press briefing.

"This is not conducive to the increase of mutual trust and consensus among countries in the region, but only complicates the situation, "Liu said.

He said China advocates and supports that countries to discuss the South China Sea issue on the China-ASEAN leaders' meeting as this is an issue within the region.

"However, we have always been against the discussion of the issue on the East Asian Summit, and we do not hope the issue becomes a focus in the meeting," Liu said.

According to the consensus reached between China and the ASEAN members on the South China Sea issue, all disputes related to the South China Sea should be solved by claimant countries through dialogue and negotiation, said Liu.

Besides, China and the ASEAN should conduct cooperation on safeguarding peace and stability of the South China Sea and ensuring the freedom of the navigation and the security in the region, he added.

The vice foreign minister said China has maintained a smooth channel of communication and consultation with countries directly involved in the South China Sea disputes.

China has the confidence that it can solve the disputes with countries concerned via friendly negotiation so as to make the sea "a sea of peace and cooperation," said Liu.

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