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Source:Global Times Published: 2013-10-14 22:43:01

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Finding love is no easy job for a chengguan

A bachelor suspects that his job as a chengguan, or urban management officer, is getting in the way of his love life, after being turned down by 14 women from a string of unsuccessful blind dates.

The unnamed man's romantic failures have captivated Net users, some of whom are sympathetic to his situation while others believe that the chengguan - who works for a group of officers with a notoriously bad rap in China, resulting from a series of high-profile cases of chengguan beating on civilians in recent years - is getting what he deserves.

The chengguan said that given the criteria he meets, he could not understand why most bachelorettes did not see him as a catch.

"My situation is desirable. I'm 1.75 meters tall and have my own apartment in Nanjing. My physical appearance is not bad and I have a good family background. My parents are both retired and I'm their only son," he wrote online.

He said that all of his blind dates started off well, but after he and the women got to chatting via QQ, a popular online instant-messaging network in China, they would suddenly disappear after learning what he did for a living. He started noticing a clear-cut pattern, he said.

"Everything would be going great, but when I finally had to say that I was a chengguan, the women would suddenly appear offline and I'd never hear from them again," he said.

Among those with sympathy for his situation, people like Net user Chuangbanshi wished the single officer better luck in his future pursuits, adding that she would be open to dating a chengguan.

But another Net user said that the women were right to move on as nobody could ever be happily married to a man "who is always beating people up."

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