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From left: Zhou Shaoxiong, Jia Zhangke, Ma Yansong and Foo Siew Ting Photo: Courtesy of Johnnie Walker

From left: Zhou Shaoxiong, Jia Zhangke, Ma Yansong and Foo Siew Ting Photo: Courtesy of Johnnie Walker

The leading Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker released three very short films about game changers Zhou Shaoxiong, Jia Zhangke and Ma Yansong at the Shanghai Film Plaza on October 11.

In every society and every era, a small band of visionaries emerge to revolutionize their field, and eventually the whole society. Johnnie Walker, the drink that changed the rules of the game for the entire whisky industry, has launched these three micro movies to salute people who changed the rules of the game in China.

The first micro movie is about the chairman of the clothing brand Septwolves, Zhou Shaoxiong, a successful entrepreneur whose heart is filled with the spirit of the wolf. As China entered into the era of reform and opening up, Zhou resigned from his job and went into business. His lifelong goal has been to create a globally recognized Chinese clothing brand.

As a result of his tremendous efforts, Septwolves has seized the biggest market share in the Chinese men's recreational jacket market for 13 years in a row, becoming a pioneer of fashion for the clothing industry. He thinks that our era requires new perspectives, and people should look for opportunity from different angles in order to break out of ossified concepts and tired models.

The second micro movie is about internationally renowned director Jia Zhangke, who became a game changer in the Chinese movie industry with his rebellious vision and values.

He stepped into the movie business in an era of change. He noticed the real life of the Chinese people was missing from the big screen, and boldly presented the movie Xiao Wu (1999), describing the life of ordinary people. Then he decided that to understand the present, people must learn about their history.

He started making films in historical settings. Changing the rules again, he made the film Platform (2000), in a documentary style.

Last year, he continued blazing a new trail by absorbing elements of swordsmen films and action movies to create A Touch of Sin (2013). Jia said: "Rebellion is of importance to literature and art, for rebellion, in a way, represents new possibilities and innovation."

The third micro movie is about the "weird" architectural design master Ma Yansong. Blending Chinese traditional aesthetics with modern architecture, he advocated the concept of the landscape city, explaining, "A harmonious city should contain both landscape, a kind of classical thing, and skyscrapers, which are a symbol of modernization."

Though spanning three decades and belonging to different ages, the protagonists of the three films share a spirit of change.

Foo Siew Ting, brand director of Johnnie Walker, said, "Johnny Walker always moves forward to interpret the spirit of its brand, pursuing spiritual resonance with consumers that is adhering to its slogan, 'Keep walking.'"

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