Arrested reporter admits to taking bribes for false stories Published: 2013-10-27 12:02:00

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Chinese reporter arrested over fabrications
A Chinese reporter was officially arrested on Wednesday for alleged damage to commercial reputation, days after he confessed to fabricating a series of reports targeting a listed company.

Journalist Association denounces detained reporter for false reports
The All-China Journalists Association (ACJA) on October 26 condemned a Chinese reporter who has been detained on suspicion of releasing unverified and untrue stories about a company.

Detained reporter apologizes for releasing untrue stories
A Chinese reporter who is now detained confessed his acts of having released unverified and untrue stories about a company for money and fame and expressed his apology.

Paper demands release of reporter Chen Yongzhou
Newspaper calls on police to release detained reporter
Journalist detained for damage to enterprise

Video: Detained reporter apologizes for releasing 'untrue stories'



Changsha Public Security Bureau

The New Express fabricated facts and published 18 negative stories about Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co Ltd, 14 of which were bylined by Chen, between September 2012 and August 2013. 

The New Express

The only mistake fact-checkers could find is that he wrote "advertisement expenses are 513 million yuan," rather than "advertisement and business entertainment expenses are 513 million yuan," and Chen didn't violate any law or professional ethics.


Chen never communicated with them about related issues or interviewed any staff members. After reading the paper's reports, the company sent top management staff to the office of the New Express Daily twice to discuss the issue, but they failed to reach an agreement. Du Feng said that the groundless reports continued; so, they chose to report the case to the police.
-- Du Feng, assistant to the Chairman of Zoomlion 

All-China Journalists Association (ACJA)

ACJA steps into the matter amid growing public attention to the arrest after the New Express Daily published a satirical article admonishing police for arresting one of their reporters without any proof of wrongdoing.
Chen's behavior has seriously violated journalistic professional ethics and harmed the media's credibility.

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 A manager with the New Express who declined to be identified 
"There is no explicit expression in the Criminal Law to protect the rights of a reporter. That results in the cross-regional criminal detention of Chen." 

 Zhan Jiang, a professor with the Department of International Journalism and Communication at Beijing Foreign Studies University
"Journalistic reports, even those with mistaken facts, can hardly be subjected to the Criminal Law. This is a basic rule to protect journalists' legal rights." 

 Song Jianwu, dean of the School of Journalism and Media at the China University of Political Science and Law
The huge public concern about Chen's case is good for the development of the news publishing industry, and the case would provide a reminder to local police forces and governments to use their public power prudently, even though their motives may be justified.

 Global Times editorial
We hope this case will be dealt with according to law. The key is whether Chen's reports are true and whether they infringe upon the legal interests of Zoomlion.

Supervision from public opinion is still a new thing in China. The media is not mature in its critical reporting. Obviously, the case deeply involves the Chinese press and the development of enterprises. How to judge the case has great significance for similar cases in the future.

Wednesday's article was the epitome of sarcasm; as the New Express Daily went on to thank police for not using "secret weapons" to initiate the arrest of the supposed suspect. Likewise, they promised to salute the police personally if the officers can find any evidence of wrongdoing that the newspaper might have missed.

The Beijing News
It is the right and responsibility of media to report, while the public reserves the freedom to speak, supervise and criticize. Media is an important symbol of democracy and civilization. Detaining a reporter just for writing a critical article is not only a low for journalism, but also for law and society.  

 Changjiang Daily
We are unclear as to why a report should be personally held responsible for an article involved in a legal dispute. We appeal to authorities that they to clearly distinguish between a reporter's professional and individual behavior, and protect their right to interview. We should not put journalists at risk.
The All-China Journalists' Association, journalism and public security authorities all should speak out on the issue. We are pleased to see several relevant authorities have voiced responses to the New Express's appeals. Media in China should produce unbiased news void of fear mongering or flattery. We must protect our rights through reasonable and rational means, while resolutely expressing our criticisms and dissatisfactions. Only in this way can we truly serve as a backbone to journalism.

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