HK opposition at risk of becoming enemy of the State

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-10-24 23:33:01

Some pro-establishment Hong Kong legislators signed a joint statement on Wednesday, demanding Chu Yiu-ming, organizer of Occupy Central, stop the campaign and stop collaborating with Taiwan's pro-independence activists. One of the legislators expressed his concern that the campaign of Occupy Central will ruin Hong Kong's rule of law and the prospect of universal suffrage. Collaborating with the pro-independence forces in Taiwan will put Hong Kong's future at the risk of violence.

According to media reports, Chu went to Taiwan on October 19 and had discussions with Shih Ming-teh, former chairman of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, about "cooperation to occupy Central." Furthermore, they appealed to "the people concerned about democracy" to support "Occupy Central" and "Hong Kong's democratization."

Their actions remind us of the Hong Kong independence movement incited by a handful of opposition activists last year.

The convergence of the forces of "Hong Kong independence" and "Taiwan independence," according to many Hong Kong media, causes nothing but chaos.

That the opposition in Hong Kong is introducing Taiwan separatists for extreme political actions will neither tally with the common aspiration of  the Hong Kong people, nor succeed due to the lack of strategic conditions. Their efforts are doomed to fail.

Taiwan pro-independence elements have had intense confrontations with the mainland. Even if they collaborated, Hong Kong's opposition is still unable to push Hong Kong to the opposite side of the central government. But massive chaos might be created, which will compel the central government to impose tough measures to maintain Hong Kong's stability.

All these opposition campaigns aim for the 2017 general election, in which the opposition tries to bring in an anti-Beijing leader as the Chief Executive.

But the Basic Law and the central government have clearly denied that possibility. The opposition has no strength to demand that the whole country draw back.

Hong Kong's opposition has to learn that the situation of Hong Kong is different from that of Taiwan. Those who are cherishing illusions need to wake up.

Hong Kong continuing capitalism provides space for the opposition. But the boundaries are still being explored. The central government and public opinion have confidence in supporting the basic framework, where the bottom lines stipulated by the Basic Law can never be crossed.

Unlike those Taiwan separatists, Hong Kong's opposition is not the enemy of the State. They are trying to expand their influence, but more importantly, they need to earn the confidence of the whole country by practicing basic political rationalism.

Hong Kong should always be the Pearl of the Orient. But to some extent, how its opposition acts will affect the purity of this dazzling pearl.

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