China needs united front against terrorism

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-10-31 0:18:02

Chinese authorities declared the jeep incident in Tiananmen to be a "violent terrorist attack" after the police investigation. Three criminals - Usmen Hasan, his wife and his mother - all died at the scene. Five other suspects have been arrested. This is the first time that violent terrorist forces from Xinjiang have caused a serious incident in Beijing.

Xinjiang terrorists are expanding their realm of activities but the public needs to keep cool-headed. We have to foil their attempts to create panic and sow feelings of estrangement. Frequent outbreaks of violence in recent years don't mean the extending power of the terrorist forces. Their activeness in that short period could be caused by their frenzy after being stricken. 

Ordinary people find it hard to understand the extremity of Usmen Hasan, such as bringing his family to commit crime. Their cruelty in aiming their jeep at innocent lives will never be forgiven.

There is a predicament to dealing with violent terrorism. We have to strictly prevent terrorist activities, while at the same time trying our best to avoid jeopardizing the harmony of society. We need to inform the public of this difficulty and win their utmost support.

The violent terrorists involved in the Square incident are all Uyghurs. Society will see the real negative effects brought by the violent terrorists. Flights between Xinjiang and inland regions are currently under more stringent security checking. The ordinary work and study of Xinjiang people in inland regions may be affected. We must have the capacity to digest these side effects.

The inland people need to step up vigilance. Meanwhile, we should know this will discomfort the Uyghurs, which needs to be offset by more hospitality and enthusiasm from us. We have to make the Uyghurs feel our sincerity.

The people in Xinjiang also need to understand the negative effects and overcome them by cooperating with their inland counterparts. Only by this, can we break down the terrorist forces and avoid enhancing estrangement in the society. 

Violent terrorists are the common enemies of all China. People from Xinjiang, especially the Uyghurs will be the biggest victims. People from Xinjiang and the inland regions should join hands in fighting against violent terrorist forces. The terrorists aim at sowing suspicions and hostility, we can only defeat them by our will and resolution. We must have a stronger mind than the violent terrorists. 

The terrorists are outrageous and malicious. They should be tackled with justice and sunlight. There will be a price in dealing with them but no society will be toppled town by terrorists.

Rampant as the terrorist forces are, they have limited capabilities. Violent terrorist cases are low-probability in China. China's overall security and order won't be shaken by terrorist forces.  


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