Tiananmen car crash deemed terrorist attack

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Video: "10.28" incident is organized terrorist attack

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Terrorists held for fatal crash
October 28 car crash at Tiananmen Square was an act of terrorism by suspects from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, the Beijing police said October 30, as it arrested five people, all of whom were allegedly involved.

Police identify Tiananmen car crash as terrorist attack
Chinese police have identified Monday's deadly crash at downtown Beijing's Tiananman Square as a terrorist attack and five suspects have been detained.

Chinese FM responds to Tiananmen car crash
China said on October 30 it expressed condolences to the victims in Monday's Tiananmen car crash, pledging to provide necessary assistance to relevant countries.


Tiananmen jeep crash kills 5, police name Xinjiang suspects
Experts advise car crash victims
Three die after vehicle goes into crowd in front of Tiananmen rostrum
5 dead, 38 injured after car crash at Tiananmen

          The Crash 

Map: tianditu.cn -Globaltimes.cn

Crash route: Usmen Hasan drove the jeep from Nanchizi Street into Chang'an Avenue 

Course: Usmen Hasan drove a jeep to "deliberately" plow through crowds, mainly tourists, along Chang'an Avenue where it runs through the Square, before crashing the vehicle outside the Tiananmen rostrum.
October 28, 2013

Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Five killed including three in jeep, 40 injured

Case progress: 
Case defined as an act of terrorism by suspects from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region; Five detained

Found in car: 
Gasoline, equipment full of gasoline, two knives, iron sticks, a flag with extremist religious content on it

Five suspects: 
Husanjan Wuxur, Gulnar Tuhtiniyaz, Yusup Umarniyaz, Bujanat Abdukadir, Yusup Ahmat 

        Anti-terrorism Efforts 

 The national Anti-terrorism Coordination Team was established in 2001.

 36 cities in China had seen SWAT teams dealing with terrorist attacks and emergencies by the end of 2005.

 China will impose severe punishment on those taking part in violent crimes.

 More efforts


  Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying 
"We feel grieved for the unfortunate incident, and express condolences to the innocent victims and solicitude to the bereaved families and the injured." 

  Global Times editorial
Violent terrorists are the common enemies of all China. People from Xinjiang, especially the Uyghurs will be the biggest victims. People from Xinjiang and the inland regions should join hands in fighting against violent terrorist forces. The terrorists aim at sowing suspicions and hostility, we can only defeat them by our will and resolution. We must have a stronger mind than the violent terrorists.  

The terrorists are outrageous and malicious. They should be tackled with justice and sunlight. There will be a price in dealing with them but no society will be toppled town by terrorists. 

  Global Times
China should keep calm while dealing with such incidents. The Square is of high political significance, but it is also a top tourist draw for millions. 

It is impossible to depoliticize the Square but politics and society can coexist in a balanced manner. The earlier the Chinese people realize this, the more our society is likely to evolve.

  Beijing News
The intention of the crash is obvious - to create a disturbance in the political center of China and attract global attention. The incident bears all the essentials of a terrorist attack: It left a lasting impression, was merciless and showed no regard of ethnicity, nationality or innocence.

The terrorists are so blind that they even don’t realize their behavior will only make people hate them more, and that society as a whole will exhibit greater resolve in its fight against terrorism. 

  Beijing Evening News
This bloody incident has sounded an alarm. If we do not establish a global consensus to fight against terrorism and reinforce international cooperation, the “extreme evil” of terrorism can strike at innocent people anywhere, anytime. 

  Wen Wei Po
The victims included several tourists from different nations, which shows that the global fight against terrorism should have no borders. While China needs to expand its counter-terrorism efforts and draw from similar incidents abroad, other countries should also help China and share intelligence in order to better fight against our common enemy.

          Previous Attacks 

 Fight against riots in Xinjiang

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