Cannonball Run record set in 28 h

Source:UPI Published: 2013-11-3 21:23:01

An Atlanta luxury-car dealer claimed a record after driving from New York to the Pacific Ocean in a little more than a day.

Ed Bolian and partners Dave Black and Dan Huang last month covered the famed Cannonball Run from Manhattan to Redondo Beach, a distance of 2,803 miles (4,511 kilometers) in 28 hours, 50 minutes and about 30 seconds, eclipsing the record set in 2006.

"Everything possible went perfectly," Bolian, 28, told CNN.

The perfect conditions included a relative lack of traffic and construction slowdowns, which enabled Bolian and co-driver Black and backseat spotter Huang to cruise at an average speed of 98 mph. The top speed reached 158 mph.

CNN said Bolian, who works for a Lamborghini dealership, selected a Mercedes CL55 AMG to make the trip.

The vehicle, which already had 155,000 miles on it, was tricked out with two extra gas tanks, radar detectors and a kill switch that would shut off its tail lights in the event state troopers were in pursuit.


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