CNN disrespects itself with terror sympathy

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-11-4 0:48:02

The US television channel CNN published an op-ed article on the jeep crash in Tiananmen Square last Monday on its official website recently. The article reviews the "repression" that the Chinese central government imposed on the Xinjiang Uyghur people and openly questions "whether Monday's alleged attack was a well-prepared terrorist act or a hastily assembled cry of desperation from a people on the extreme margins of the Chinese state's monstrous development machine."

Western media likes expressing their sympathy and support for Xinjiang's violent terrorists through interviewing leading figures linked to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement such as Rebiya Kadeer.

However, CNN is way out of line this time. It bluntly showed its attitude by highlighting the article authored by Sean R. Roberts, an associate professor of George Washington University.

The article may reflect opinion and attitude of a certain number of Americans. But it is of a vile nature to present such a view at the mainstream media.

In fact, praise for Osama bin Laden had been heard over dinner among some of the Chinese public after the 9/11 attacks, with a few commending Bin Laden as "contemporary Robin Hood." Nonetheless, such remarks didn't appear in the Chinese media, which strongly criticized the maleficence of Al Qaeda.

We think that despite divergences of national interests and competition among great powers, all peace-loving forces for good will should unite together in combating terrorism. Taking double standards on terrorism could only make oneself victim of terrorism and indulge the "cry of desperation" by terrorists against one's rivals. If it is allowed, political civilization will backslide.

Those involved in suicide terror attacks all have their own desperation and animosity, no matter if Al Qaeda members who attacked the West or Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel. However, should there be no brainwashing from extreme religious forces, how can the slaughter of innocent civilians be taken as a "just cause" or "jihad" and zealously carried out by followers?

There have been estrangements to varying degree among different civilizations and ethnic groups throughout history. The West is by no means an example to solve the problem. Racial conflicts are constantly seen in the US and its European counterparts. 

Some Western elites hold double standards on terrorism toward China and Russia. Doing so will be no good for the global anti-terrorism cause, nor can it mess up the two countries.

By publishing an ill-intentioned commentary, CNN lost its reputation among Chinese readers as well as jeopardizing the image of the US.

France's President François Hollande denounced terrorism and expressed condolences to the victims after the Square incident, which helped win France favor among the Chinese public. In contrast, CNN showed a dark-minded US which is inconsistent with its superpower position.

Not long after a kid suggested "killing everyone in China" on the US television network ABC, CNN defended violent terrorists who perpetrated the Square incident on its website. We have to say to our US counterparts: Have some self-respect.  

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