One million Cambodian children received new measles, rubella vaccine

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-11-5 13:39:19

The total number of Cambodian children immunized in the nationwide campaign with measles and rubella vaccines has already reached one million, the Ministry of Health announced Tuesday.

Health Minister Mam Bunheng launched the campaign against these two children's diseases on Oct. 21, aiming to vaccinate all children in the country, totaling over 4 million, between 9 months of age and 15 years with the measles and rubella.

To date, Phase I with 9 provinces is nearing completion with one million children already vaccinated, the Ministry said in the statement, adding that Phase II will run through November, followed by Phase III in December.

"The demand for measles and rubella vaccine has been almost overwhelming. Every school is having its scheduled vaccination session, thanks to great cooperation between health and school authorities," Mam Bunheng said in the statement.

"I urge every family in the country to bring their children to join in this campaign as it continues across the country in the next two months."

The aim of the campaign is to protect as many children as possible from both measles and rubella disease, the statement said.

This November marks two years since the last measles case was reported in Cambodia in 2011. The country has been free of the disease since then. But there is continued surveillance and this measles and rubella campaign will give extra protection against the importation of measles from other countries, it added.

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