Moment of netizen: Wang Feng put in shade by Chang'e-3 probe

Source:Global Times Published: 2013-12-1 20:13:02

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Wang Feng put in shade by Chang'e-3 probe

Wang Feng, a popular singer, has coined a joking rule that whenever he has big news, another event is bound to occlude it. This Monday, the launch of the Chang'e-3, China's new space probe, is bound to leave the release of his new album in the shade.

Instances of Wang's curse are numerous. When Wang announced his divorce, on the same day, Wang Fei and Li Yapeng, a famous star couple announced their divorce. When Wang talked of his new love, on the same day, Chinese soccer club Hengda won the AFC Champions League.

After his love affairs failed to win him headlines, Wang published a post Friday hoping to promote the release of his new album on Monday. However, China announced the Chang'e-3 moon probe would be launched early Monday.

Net user Sanshakafei said that it has become a "natural rule" that when some important news of Wang comes out that might win him headlines, more important news will arrive.

On Sina Weibo, more than 15,000 voters supported the idea of sending Wang to the moon to help win him his own headlines, while 10,000 disapproved of the imaginary plan.

Kaiqidepu wrote that "Tomorrow's top news would be sure the Chang'e 3 launch, and if you want to be top news, you should go to Mars."

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