Catch that swine: Local celebrity pig of Tiananmen Square reported missing Published: 2013-12-4 17:03:48

A police officer follows a pet pig strolling along the Chang'an Avenue in Beijing on November 21 to ensure its safety. The pig went missing on December 3 after it failed to return to its owner's shop. Photo: Beijing Morning Post

A pet pig that has become a local celebrity among residents and tourists in Beijing for its appearances near Tiananmen Square was reported missing on December 3.

The owner, a woman surnamed He who runs a shop on nearby Nanchizi Lu, reported "Pearl" missing to police after the little pig failed to return home following its daily promenade along Chang'an Avenue, the capital's central thoroughfare.

"[Pearl] went out alone this morning, and didn't come back at night. [Pearl] usually comes back early and may have been taken away by others. I am worried," He told a reporter on December 3.

She explained that Pearl, a gift from a friend, is quite popular in the neighborhood.

"The pig is smart. It can find its own way home and knows how to avoid vehicles when crossing road," said a local resident surnamed Wang.

"Children and pets here like to play with [Pearl]. It has never caused troubles for me, " said He. "But there are many tourists here and [Pearl] has become restless. I am considering sending [Pearl] to the suburbs."

Authorities explained that there is no laws that forbid raising small pet pigs in the city, and they will keep He informed of any further developments. 

Beijing Morning Post

Passers-by watch as a local pet pig walks along the Chang'an Avenue in Beijing on November 21. Photo: CFP/


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