Brazil to issue 2014 World Cup commemorative coins

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-12-14 11:03:47

Brazil's Central Bank (CB) on Friday announced that beginning from Jan. 24 next year, it will issue a limited edition of gold, silver and cupro-nickel commemorative coins for 2014 World Cup to be hosted by the South American country from Jun. 12 to Jul. 13, 2014.

The CB said in a statement that nine different coins will be issued, including one gold, two silver and six cupro-nickel.

One side of the gold coin will bear the image of the World Cup to be disputed by 32 teams, and the other side will bear an image of a goal. The cost will be of 1,180 Brazilian reais (some 515 US dollars).

The silver coins will cost 190 reais (82 dollars). One will bear the image of Fuleco armadillo, the World Cup's mascot, and the other one will include images of the 12 Brazilian cities to host the tournament.

The crupo-nickel coins will be part of a series called " Football Moves" and will bear different moments of a football match. They will cost 30 reais (13 dollars).

These coins will include a goalkeeper stopping a ball, a header, a pass, a spot kicking and a goal.

The statement said the CB plans to issue 2,720 gold coins, 12, 000 silver and 7,400 cupro-nickel though the amount can be increased according to the demand.

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